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I started working in the Call Center industry since 2015, but I never thought that this kind of job can be done from home. It took me a couple of years before I get myself aware of what a home-based job is. All I know about this is that you will just work at home, but I never thought that aside from the convenience of not needing to travel and think about what you should wear, this kind of job would also give you a better life. The convenience of not needing to travel is one factor I like about freelancing, but earning double or triple than when you were in the BPO industry is one of the top things you can get from home-based jobs.

Working for years, sometimes makes me think of having a big break to get off from the toxic world. I tend to think of quitting because I really had enough, but because of all the expenses and bills, I chose to stay.

This year, I started to get beyond my limit. I did something that I never have done before. Blogging. I had no idea on how to create blogs before. I don’t have enough money to spend with something I want. All I did is to learn from someone who had been in the same situation where I was.

Hom-based jobs set up

I started joining some Facebook groups related to freelancing. I learned a lot from them regarding things about home-based jobs that I never have thought before. Then I saw this enticing post about Social Media Management course which I got interested in. I had some doubts that this kind of discussion may not work for me because I always prefer to be taught in person. My mind started to run, I took some time to think about joining them. After making a decision, I went to their page right away and sneak some review.

Virtual Kings has a lot of things to offer. The course they have for Social Media Management isn’t just about social media and all. This course also includes different training in search engine optimization, WordPress management, etc. That is the very first reason why I signed up for their training.

We are already on our second session at the moment. We got two more sessions left to start off hunting clients and apply what we have learned. I have learned a lot because our coach has a great strategy in mentoring. Before I end this article, I would like to inform you that the fee that I paid for the training is really worth the knowledge. If you hate traffic, have a low income or don’t know where to start? I recommend you to learn and be a freelancer!

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